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Shaft care
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Action Smooth StrokeAction Smooth Stroke
- Powder bag to keep hands dry for a smooth stroke 
- Fast and easy to apply 
- Fits in most cue case pockets 
Cuetec Cue CleanerCuetec Cue Cleaner
- 40 ml bottle (~1.3 oz) of CueTech Shaft Cleaner 
- Specially designed for fiberglass and graphite shafts 
- Cleans and polishes shaft in one step 
Q CleanQ Clean-Clean your cue shaft and ferrule so they look like new with high performance cue care from Q Clean.
-Even tough stains, such as those stubborn green specks, are removed with this product, which is safe and effective on fine-quality custom wood shafts and all ferrule materials.
-Just sprinkle Q Clean on a clean, damp rag, wipe down your shaft and repeat.
-Rub it dry and you'll be amazed at how good your cue looks and how smooth your stroke can be.
-One 1 ounce bottle lasts for approximately 20 applications.
Silky HandSilky Hand
- Sprayed on the hands to make them waterproof and silky smooth 
- Great alternative to hand talc 
- 2 oz bottle 
Silver Cup TalcSilver Cup Talc-Silver Cup Premium Hand Talc is an excellent product for reducing friction between your bridge hand and the cue shaft caused by excessive perspiration and sweat.
-This very fine hand talc won't cake on your hand, and because it is unscented, you don't have to worry about smelling like baby powder.
-Silver Cup Premium Hand Talc comes in a handy 13 ounce bottle.
Slide RiteSlide Rite
- Powder bag to keep bridge hand from sticking during shots 
- Fits in most cue case pockets
Ultra GlideUltra Glide
- Hand talc bags to keep bridge hand dry during shots 
- Fast and easy to apply 
- Singles come in assorted colors 
- Bags fit in most cue case pockets 
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